Thursday, September 1, 2016

Until further notice...good-bye.

Hello readers,

It has been three whole years since this blog's inception. Now, fifty posts later, Rachel's Feature Presentations is being retired! [I will take this opportunity to admit I've always disliked that headline. Since this site was originally created for a college course, however, we students had to use our names as part of our titles so that we could identify each other more easily. Tch. I wanted to go with something much classier and alliterative, such as Long-Distance Drive-In, The Fabulous Flick Chick, or even something snappy like Genre Jaunt. Oh well.]

It was a nice, long run, but content has been dwindling down for a little while now, and real-life duties call. Along with my continued work as a freelance copyeditor, I will very soon be starting graduate school to study for an MLIS. So, for the foreseeable future, this blog is being discontinued. No worries, though: I am keeping the site up and will continue to keep an eye on things, so any & all comments are still welcome. I hope that you have all enjoyed my posts, and I would like to thank my readership for putting up with my often lengthy, usually obscure writings. :P

Anyway, who knows? Perhaps I will eventually resurrect this blog and publish once again.

Until then,