Friday, May 20, 2016

Filming Locations via Google Earth: Dracula (1979)

While this film's scriptwriters took some liberties when translating Bram Stoker's original novel to the silver screen (mostly to do with a few of the characters' names/their relationship to one another), this is easily one of my favourite interpretations. Frank Langella's portrayal of The Prince of Darkness is equal parts sophisticated-suave and terrifyingly bloody, and whenever I think of his eternal bride Mina (dubbed "Lucy" in this version) I instantly picture Kate Nelligan's elegant innocence. The direction, musical score, acting, sets, and costuming are all superb but, rather than focus on any of that, I wanted to try something different and look at the actual, geographical locations where Dracula was filmed. To do so, I used Google Earth to get aerial screenshots of the locations listed on IMDB. This is made doubly interesting—at least to me—because I am visiting parts of the UK next month and will be somewhat near where the movie came into creation all those decades ago.

Filmed entirely in Cornwall, England, UK.

Doom and gloom.

Abandoned Botallack Tin Mines at sea level in Penwith, St. Just.

Where Mina stumbles upon Dracula after his initial journey on the Demeter.

Crinnis Beach along Carlyon Bay, St. Austell.

The shipwreck of the Demeter.

What used to be King Arthur's Castle Hotel (now known as Camelot Castle) in Tintagel.

The mental hospital/Seward family home.

St Michael's Mount, Marazion.

Used as the exterior of Carfax Abbey (Dracula's castle).

Mevagissey Bay, Mevagissey.

The village through which Dracula and Lucy race to board their getaway ship.

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