Saturday, August 20, 2016

Direction: Detectorists

"[Follows] the lives of two eccentric metal detectorists who spend their days plodding along ploughed tracks and open fields, hoping to disturb the tedium by unearthing the fortune of a lifetime." —IMDB

Detectorists was written by and stars Mackenzie Crook—yeah, that guy from The Office, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Game of Thrones. The British series was also his directorial debut and something for which he earned a BAFTA TV award (Best Situation Comedy) in 2015. Season one is currently on Netflix, and since it's a lovely show featuring some gorgeous shots, I thought that I'd do a post full of pics & gifs.

All taken from episode one. Lots of pretty, pretty establishing shots.

Andy (Crook) and Lance (Toby Jones) working the fields. So panoramic. 😍

Still from S01's cold open. The writing is brilliant, too, and though kept to a minimum, it reveals a lot about these two characters.

End pre-credits, roll title sequence.

Jump to episode two for some B-roll and more est. shots.

Low angle 'hole' shot (see trunk shot).

Cold open from E03 using a long shot before transitioning into a medium shot with rack focus. 

Close-up on a Jim'll Fix It badge. Andy tosses the...interesting...find aside upon discovery.

The new age shop belonging to Lance's ex-wife, Maggie.
Despite the fact that it is full of clutter and tat akin to Lance's own metal-detecting finds, he seems out of place.

Rival detectorists, the Antiquisearchers.
Their placement within the shot suggests that they are a gang (of nerds).
🎶 Mise-en-scène, mise-en-scene...! 

Extreme close-up establishing shots for the pub quiz scene in episode four.

At the start of E05, Andy is alone due to multiple shenanigans that took place in previous eps.
The sense of solitude is overwhelming in these shots of places where he used to hang out with his old friend.


Blending into the scenery, Lance obviously misses his best pal, too. Very atmospheric.

By the season finale our characters have come full circle.

You never know what's hiding underfoot...

The second season is rather good, as well, although I'm not one for bonus Christmas specials. Anyhow, hopefully it hits Netflix or another streaming service sometime soon. If not, I'm sure ya'll can get creative. ;-)

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